Legal support for nonprofit organizations

  • Reistration of NPOs
  • Subscription legal service
  • Accounting support of NPO’s activities
  • Registration of changes (related and unrelated to the changes made to the constituent documents)
  • Elimination of NPOs
  • Provision of a legal address (from the owner, conclusion of the legal service contracts)
  • Legal support during inspections of the Ministry of Justice

Nonprofit organizations are really not-for-profit as the main areas of activity, do not distribute profits among its members. Typically, nonprofit organization created to achieve the social, educational, political, and charitable, sports and other tasks do not involve making a profit for the shareholders. For this purpose some of organizations or citizen can establish various public organizations, foundations, unions, associations and other types of nonprofit organizations.

Unfortunately, those who decided to create NPOs have to face many difficulties because the legislation regarding NPOs has not yet fully adjusted. There are contradictions in the establishment of NPOs, which involves a lot of paperwork and approvals, redoing documents. But the specifics of the current legislation regulating the activities of nonprofit organizations, a variety of legal forms and contradictions that arise in the daily administration of the legal processes in NPOs dictates a qualitatively different approach to choosing a partner to provide legal services.

Our lawyers have vast experience in legal support of nonprofit organizations carrying out a large number of legal operations in this area on a daily basis. High quality for legal services is provided by highly specialized lawyers in a particular field of law. This is due to very rapid development of the Russian legislation, creating a number of regulatory documents, which one general practice lawyer is unlikely to be able to master. Besides, the provision of legal support to NPOs requires the integration of the specialists of different directions – lawyers, economists, accountants, management consulting, etc.

The main services provided by our company in this field are:

  • Registration of NPOs (autonomous organizations, foundations, associations, unions, legal forms, etc.)
  • Subscription service of NPOs
  • Accounting support of NPOs’ activity
  • Registration changes (related and unrelated to the changes made to the constituent documents)
  • Liquidation of NPOs (preparation of documents, notification of liquidation, accounting training, delivery of documents)
  • Provision of legal address (from the owner, contracting legal services)
  • Legal support during inspections by the Ministry of Justice (representing the interests of NPOs in the audit, document preparation, consultation, defining the goals and objectives of NPOs checking)

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Legal support for nonprofit organizations

Legal support for nonprofit organizations

Legal support for nonprofit organizations

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