Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • Consulting on deal
  • Representstion of a participant in the transaction negotiations
  • Assessment of the legality of the transaction
  • Examination of all ongoing transactions (legal due diligence)
  • Gather information on the property of the object of the transaction
  • Analysis and evaluation of all transaction documents
  • Preparation of legal opinions, transaction reports

The services of transaction support of mergers and acquisitions are quite diverse and include a wide spectrum of pre-investment activities of diagnosis, a careful analysis of financial and economic activity of its condition at the time of the transaction, the estimated value of the business to identify all possible risks of the company. We will prepare a detailed report, documentation and recommendations of the audit for the most competitive deals.

Our lawyers will prepare a detailed report, documentation and recommendations of the audit for the most competitive deals because they have extensive experience in M&A transactions, both the seller and the buyer.

The main important stages of the transaction:

  • the consent of all parties to the transaction on the reorganization through merger or acquisition;
  • preparation of necessary documents, including a report on the cost of the shares in the companies-participants of the transaction;
  • holding a general meeting of shareholders with the approval of all the necessary transaction documents;
  • noticefication of the tax authority and creditors of the impending reorganization;
  • the state registration of a legal entity, securities;
  • FSFM a notification, redemption of shares;
  • closure of companies participating accounts.

As part of this practice is carried out by our specialists:

  • advising on all major transactions, including on taxation and the application of antitrust laws;
  • representing the interests of a participant in the transaction negotiations with other parties;
  • assessment of the legality of the transaction as a whole and the actions of each member;
  • a thorough examination of all transactions carried out in order to avoid the risk of challenging the deal in the future by any party to it;
  • collecting information on the availability of any property of the object of the transaction;
  • analysis and evaluation of all documents relating to the transaction;
  • preparation of legal opinions, reports, all kinds of documents for the most effective results.

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