Health and pharmaceuticals – sectors of the economy, which is so complex and diverse that it is impossible for them to distribute one specific branch of law. Legal regulation is characterized by multiple and constant changes that quite difficult and time consuming for all market participants. Therefore, the industry involved in the project not only qualified lawyers of various legal practices and professionals, practitioners directly but in this economy, can guarantee the successful resolution of customer problems. Representing clients state and commercial structures of some large-scale pilot projects in healthcare and pharmaceuticals has allowed us to get a more realistic idea of the current market conditions. Addressing the scope of pharmaceuticals and health care requires an understanding of all the features of consultants and legal regulation of the industry. We also studied and new areas, including specific to solve complex regulatory issues. Many of our specialists collaborate with professional pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We develop comprehensive strategies to address the challenges and opportunities of this complex market.
The main directions of our company:

  • Legal advice regarding: licensing, certification, taxation, the application of antitrust laws, public procurement, financing and investment (including foreign companies), intellectual property protection, foreign trade regulation, medical services, supplies and equipment leasing and pr.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Settlement of disputes, representation and protection of interests of the client

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