Automotive industry and transportation

Automotive industry and transportation

Our specialists have an impressive practice in support of projects by the automotive and transport sectors. For conducting major projects in this sector, we select the team of lawyers of various practices that can determine the most effective strategy is specific to a particular project.
The key in this sector, we are the projects of legal regulation of the industry and the protection of investors. We are also in major international projects.
In addition, our lawyers are involved in development projects, restructuring and protection of production units for assembly and sales, service agencies, all involved in the business. We monitor all changes in legislation and government programs, studying the positions of producers and consumers, both domestically and on the world market.
The main services in this sector are:

  • Comprehensive legal support automotive manufacturing, representation and interaction with public authorities
  • Support for antitrust, maintenance inspections, protection in court and pre-trial settlement of cases of violation of antitrust laws
  • Advice and Advocacy to environmental organizations
  • Advising on the development and organization of dealer networks
  • Legal support of licensing, patenting and recording procedures for trademarks
  • Advice on taxation in Russia and abroad, auditing solution labor and migration issues
  • Customs clearance, export / import
  • Legal support financing and credit
  • Addressing on the legal aspects in the field of construction, real estate, land tenure for the needs of the automotive business
  • Pre-trial settlement and the protection of the courts for all types of lawsuits from consumers, full legal support in the relations with customers
  • Advice on business and risk aversion in terms of unfair competition

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