Antimonopoly regulation

  • Antimonopoly audit
  • Antimonopoly disputes
  • Client support
  • Foreign investments and antimonopoly law

Antimonopoly is a set of activities required for the development of a healthy market competition without increasing monopolization of the market. Antitrust regulation sets the allowable level of monopolization, regulates aspects of foreign trade activities, controls the level of tariffs.
Within the services of the antimonopoly regulation, we assess antitrust risks parse disputes with antitrust authorities to ensure compliance with antitrust laws in transactions.

Antimonopoly audit

Our experts will carry out an internal audit companies for compliance with their business requirements of the Russian legislation on the protection of competition and anti-corruption legislation; advice on the application of the legislation on trade, the development of the necessary contracts, policies and other internal documents to ensure compliance with this.

Antimonopoly disputes

Our task in this manner is legal support of the client in the case brought against his administrative case and allegations of violation of antitrust laws, representation of interests in FAS, as well as arbitration court.

Client support whithin the framework of audits conducted by the federal antimonopoly service

We provide support in the framework of the checks involved in responding to requests for FAS Russia, represents clients in the FAS Russia for offenses under the test, prepare objections to acts of anti-trust authorities on the audit.

Foreign investments and antimonopoly law

Lawyers CLS carried out coordination with the antimonopoly authorities of mergers and acquisitions (M & A), as well as other transactions under the law on foreign investment in companies of strategic importance for the state; prepare a notification and application for the transactions made, make requests to the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service for clarification of the legislation on foreign investments.

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