Banking and finance law

  • Registration, licensing and regulatory advice for banks and other financial institutions
  • Legal support of financial transactions
  • Taxation
  • Working with debts/creditors
  • Legal support for banking

CLS offers a comprehensive legal support in the areas of financial and banking law from consulting on various issues of banking and currency legislation to large financial projects of national importance.

Registration, licensing and regulatory advice for banks and other financial institutions

Our team of lawyers of various practices in supporting the establishment, registration and licensing of banking and financial institutions engaged in representation in state institutions, comprehensive consulting, developing the necessary legal documentation.

Legal support of financial transactions

We offer comprehensive legal support for all kinds of financial transactions, securities issuance and other operations, various types of credit with an objective assessment of the possible risks.


CLS lawyers offer advice on the tax aspects of transactions and operations, tax support transactions and operations, tax audit, pre-trial settlement of disputes and representation in court, tax audit and risk analysis.

Working with debts/creditors

In this area, we conduct a comprehensive consulting, represent the interests of the borrower / lender in court, are addressing the complex issues of problem debt, represent clients in insolvency (bankruptcy) debt restructuring deal with pre-trial settlement.

Legal support for banking

Legal support for mortgage and other credit counseling deposits, deposits with a credit / debit cards.

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