Corporate law

  • Support of transactions at all stages
  • Corporate disputes between the parties/the shareholders
  • Documentary support of securities issue
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Settlement of internal corporate conflicts
  • Corporate restructuring of enterprises
  • Corporate control and management
  • Subscription legal service for business

The legal support is demanded by the business both at the stage of the company registration, and for the development of a number of constituent documents or the organization and conduct for the meeting of the Board of Directors or the Shareholders’ meeting. Our lawyers are working in the field of corporate law, ready for successful cooperation in many areas.

Support of burgaining

Lawyers of CLS are supporting the clients in negotiations, transactions and development of the organization of the necessary documentation. In addition, we analyze and support the necessary action on the part of legal entities, organize and conduct meetings of the Board of Directors and the Shareholders’ meeting, represent our clients before the other bargainers, prepare reports and advise the clients concerning the information published in the public sources.

Corporate control and management

The questions of the corporate governance and control are extremely important today. Successful business activity depends on the proper organization of corporate management and control, because the risks associated with corporate responsibility are extremely high. To be most effective, we provide services to the entire team of professionals of different branches of law, that as soon as possible carry out an audit of corporate governance and control in the enterprise, and develop and agree on the new management model, as well as provide acceptable options for the resolution of intra-conflicts.


The securities transactions are one of the integral parts of the corporate law. The services are relating to support of the issue of securities and securities transactions. Our lawyers represent clients at all stages of the transaction, advice on the risks, analyze compliance of transactions securities to securities acts, draw up the security and pledge agreement and purchase and sale of securities emission register.

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