• Representing clients (debtor|creditor)
  • Protection of rights and interests
  • Measures against the risk of bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is recognized by the arbitral tribunal debtor’s inability to fully satisfy the claims of creditors on monetary obligations. In every economy of any country in the period of financial instability and highly competent legal support plays a key role for the company, is the subject of bankruptcy proceedings.
CLS attorneys have all the necessary expertise to support the bankruptcy proceedings, representation in debt collection. We try to eliminate the negative scenario of the situation, using the bankruptcy laws.

Representing clients (debtor|creditor)

Our experts will represent the interests of creditors and debtors in the process of restructuring, the transfer of the debt, and implement measures to settle the dispute out of court, analyze the situation and carry out activities to prevent bankruptcy. CLS attorneys also provide support at all stages of bankruptcy proceedings, accompanied by the acquisition of the debtor’s property, represent the interests in court, make up applications, complaints and petitions, accompanied by step monitoring, rehabilitation, management, accompanied by the activities of the arbitration manager. First of all, we are helping to smooth away the unpleasant consequences procedures for the client to minimize the potential risks in view of its interests within the framework of the current legislation.

Protection of rights and interests

We provide comprehensive legal support to our clients in the protection of rights and interests during the bankruptcy proceedings, and are preparing to sign the appeal to the law enforcement authorities on the facts of deliberate bankruptcy or other unlawful acts during the bankruptcy proceedings, represent our clients before courts of all instances and public bodies.

Measures against the risk of bankruptcy

Our experts are preparing a series of measures aimed at preventing the bankruptcy proceedings, or mitigate the negative consequences of the process of voluntary bankruptcy. We will conduct a thorough analysis of all current or future transactions with organizations or persons with signs of insolvency and make appropriate recommendations to carry out measures to restructure the business, to prevent attempts of intentional bankruptcy of the organization, advise the client at every stage of business development for possible risks and give recommendations for their prevention.

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