Employment and migration law

  • General employment and migration law issues
  • Representing clients in relations with the state structures
  • Headcount optimization
  • Tax legislation
  • Employment disputes
  • Migration law and foreign employees
  • Safety enterprise

The practice of employment and immigration law in Russia is one of the most popular practices in the legal profession today. The effective work of the company is possible only when employment and organizational relations within the company are built in compliance with the existing employment and migration legislation not only Russia, but also countries in which Russian representatives of domestic and foreign organizations. Our clients include major consulting company for the selection and evaluation of personnel, as well as large industrial Russian and international companies, employing several thousand people. Our experts have extensive experience in project management in the field of law in a professional manner.

General employment and migration law issues

We are engaged in a wide range of issues, starting with a thorough personnel audit, develop various kinds of contracts, certificates, policies, internal rules relating to the employment relationship, are holding consultations on all labor and pension issues, issues of termination of employment, regulating labor relations with the leadership of , foreign labor, including obtaining permits for them and their families.

Representing clients in relations with the state structures

We represent clients in the course of inspections carried out by the Federal Migration Service, guide and prepare clients for audits, represent clients in administrative proceedings, based on the results of inspections carried out by labor inspectorates, engaged in legal action prosecutorial expertise in administrative and criminal proceedings.

Headcount optimization

Our lawyers have extensive experience in dealing with difficult situations in which the enterprise is necessary to optimize the number of staff and reorganize. We will develop an optimization procedure with the least damage to all parties, define acceptable to all changes in working conditions, carefully analyzed the potential risks and provide appropriate recommendations.

Tax legislation

Our company consults in all matters concerning the taxation of income of employees of Russian and foreign citizens working in Russia.

Employment disputes

Our experts are ready to mediate in the settlement of labor disputes in pre-trial and trial and court procedures and help in resolving collective labor disputes in cooperation with trade union organizations, develop strategies of relationships within the law.

Migration law and foreign employees

We accompany the procedure of approval and permits, visas and other documents necessary for foreign employees in Russia and stay with them, their families, conduct audits to identify risks in relation to the migration legislation, advise on issues arising in the course of violations of law, and offer options to address them.

Safety enterprise

Our lawyers are developing policies and procedures for the protection of employees’ personal data and on the regime of a trade secret, develop and make out the duties of employees to create intellectual property, contracts and the provisions of treaties on the rights of intellectual property and the procedure for payment of compensation to employees, engaged in registration of rights to objects intellectual property.

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