Disputes resolution practice

  • Representing clients in arbitration courts in disputes with contractors
  • Representing of the debtor / creditor
  • Representing the interests of the principal in the FAS
  • Recovery of compensation for infringement of intellectual property rights
  • Corporate disputes
  • Сounteraction third parties supplying counterfeit goods by closing the respective sites, including online shopping
  • Pre-trial settlement of disputes
  • Executive production (control actions of bailiffs)
  • Arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction
  • Enforcement proceedings
  • Arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration

Our company represents the interests of our clients in commercial disputes of any complexity, both for Russian customers and to our overseas customers. The professional approach of our lawyers to issues of conflict resolution allows us in many cases stop at the settlement out of court.
Our company represents the interests of our clients in courts of all levels, we are professional enough in resolving the situation in the international commercial arbitration centers abroad and in Russia. With the support of our foreign partners, and close cooperation with them we are available to us and we have successfully used international arbitration platform.

Disputes resolution

We support our clients at all stages of a conflict situation and do everything possible to pre-trial settlement or take measures to prevent and conflicts. For this, we audit the activity of our clients, identify the risks of possible conflicts and analyze the available documents and evidence to support the client in a possible dispute. We are developing a comprehensive strategy to resolve the situation.

Arbitration courts and law courts of general jurisdiction

Our company is engaged in a comprehensive protection of our clients in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction in corporate disputes, disputes over property rights protection, dispute the debt collector or damages, administrative disputes, in disputes on the protection of reputation, etc.

Enforcement of judgements

Our experts are engaged in the conduct of enforcement proceedings, oversees the activities of bailiffs are preparing lawsuits for violation of Art. 1069 of the Civil Code, etc.

International commercial arbitration

Our company represents clients in arbitration courts and international commercial arbitration, engaged in support processes in Russia and abroad, provides comprehensive support and protection.

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