Tax law and tax disputes

  • Tax consulting
  • Maintenance of field tax audits
  • Challenging acts of tax authorities
  • Tax audit
  • Tax planning
  • Refund of overpaid/collected taxes
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Transfer pricing and international taxation
  • International tax planning
  • Tax accounting

Our company provides its clients with a comprehensive range of tax services for solving lots of problems faced by clients in their financial and economic activity at a highly professional level. The ability to analyze, predict, compare, along with deep knowledge and experience of experts of the company, is highly valued by our customers, helping them to successfully solve the possible problems arising in the conduct of its business in all sectors of the economy, avoiding unpleasant situations and losses.

Tax consulting

Tax consulting service is one of the priorities of our company. Great expertise in absolutely any niche of the tax law allows us to delve into the issues and provide the clients with an objective assessment of the tax consequences of their economic activities.

Tax audit

We provide independent verification of financial and economic activity of the enterprise, the calculation and payment of taxes, develop comprehensive measures to protect our clients from the risks of assessed taxes and duties, conduct checks on the identification of overpaid taxes with their subsequent return of the company, as well as assist in the optimization of taxation in order to reduce the costs and to increase the efficiency of any business in the future. Our experts carry out all types of audit: from spot audit to comprehensive audit, analyzing, evaluating and solving non-standard and complex situation in the interests of the clients.

Tax dispute resolution

Our specialists will assist in solving a wide range of tax disputes at the appeal of acts and regulations that are contrary to the norms of law and violate the interests of clients in the field of business activities.
The CLS’ lawyers carry out a comprehensive defense of our clients at all stages of the appeal of the acts of tax authorities and actions (inaction) of their officials.

In terms of our responsibilities is to prepare any legal documents addressed to the tax and judicial authorities, appeal decisions, the development of strategy and tactics of the tax dispute, the analysis of the prospects and ways to resolve them, the full support in the field and off-site tax inspections.

Tax risk and overpayments

Services to identify tax risks and overpayments are at the first place, meeting the requirements of economic and fiscal security company, promote the formation of a competent tax reporting, preparing the company for the tax audits. Our lawyers and auditors reveal existing tax risks, develop programs, activities and recommendations to reduce risks and optimize the taxation of the company, carry out comprehensive measures to return overpaid taxes in the administrative or judicial procedure.

Transfer pricing and international taxation

Transfer pricing is one of the most common way to minimize taxes, which is used by medium and large companies. The lack of common rules of transfer pricing and tax control, vague formulations, empowerment of the tax authorities leads to diverse and ever-increasing tax risks. Thanks to the experience of our lawyers, we are able to minimize these risks and offer a wide-ranging audit of all transactions, the development that they meet the requirements of changing legislation, maintenance inspections of controlling bodies, representing clients in the courts, preparation of agreements of transfer pricing.

International tax planning

We have extensive experience in the field of international tax planning. Our experts carried out a comprehensive analysis of the tax risks during international transactions, forecasting cost-effective schemes of construction and development of the international business of foreign companies in the domestic market, advising on international transfer pricing, deoffshorization, taxation and control of multinational companies.

Tax accounting

CLS’ experts have extensive experience in advising on financial and tax accounting, analyze, develop and implement the system of accounting and taxation, develop policies, regulations, assist in the preparation of reports, and organize an efficient workflow. The auditors of CLS are leading the projects on accounting and tax accounting of a large number of many Russian and foreign companies.

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