Services for private customers

  • Wide range of legal solution
  • Tax support

Our services for private customers are in providing legal support to the leadership and top – management of Russian and international companies, artists and other representatives of show- business, large business owners.

Our professional legal assistance is aimed at solving problems related to business or private life and not depends on the geographical location of our client. To work on any task we involve lawyers and specialist of different practices or full teams, depending on each situation.

Our skilled lawyers and attorneys implement the decisions of the following legal issues:

  • legal solution to property issues;
  • legal support for transactions involving assets;
  • family and inheritance law;
  • support in matters of labor and immigration laws;
  • housing law;
  • customs law, foreign trade issues;
  • solving problems in terms of administrative offenses;
  • represent the interests of private clients in the courts;
  • addressing legal issues arising from the conduct of banking and financial transactions, working with debt;
  • addressing corporate control and governance issues;
  • mergers and acquisitions.

In addition, our specialists provide comprehensive support in private on a wide range of tax support:

  • tax support, analysis and identification of tax risks in terms of transactions;
  • analysis of the tax implications on property issues, financial transactions and securities transactions;
  • advice and representation in the courts on various issues related to the calculation and payment of tax on personal income of residents and non-residents;
  • preparation of reports, declarations, representation in the courts and tax authorities on the questions of calculation and payment of personal income tax, property tax, transport tax and tax on land.

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