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Coleman Legal Services enters Russian market

Coleman Legal Services (CLS) enters the market as Russian law firm. It belongs to Coleman Services UK ltd., with headquarter in London, which units are located in various major cities around the world. Divisions of the company Coleman Services UK Ltd. are successfully operating in the Russian market since 1999.
The decision on the establishment of the legal division of the company in Russia was made not by accident. In the international market large companies for a long time and is successfully developing its legal framework to support existing businesses, so thanks to the efficient activity of the consulting division in the Russian market, there is an understandable need for its legal support, and the support of other areas of the head company in the former Soviet space. To date, the legal departments of the Group are represented by highly qualified lawyers in the field of Russian and international law, most of which have extensive experience in large international projects, the implementation of which we will use all of our resources and experience of the whole team.
The main practices of our company are:

  • Tax law and tax disputes
  • Disputes resolution practice
  • Corporate law
  • Legal support for nonprofit organizations
  • Bankruptcy
  • Land real estate and construction
  • Banking and finance law
  • Antimonopoly regulation
  • Employment and migration law
  • Legal support of investment projects
  • Administrative law
  • Customs and foreign trade regulation

CLS’ clients are large Russian and international companies of many industries, including international investment groups and financial institutions. The support of international Group with its extensive business practices abroad allows us to navigate the great expectations of our international customers, and the excellent team of leading Russian legal specialists is a key element of successful cooperation with domestic companies.

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