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Russian Union of Rightholders sued ZTE Corporation, demanding to pay 37 millions of Russian rubles.

RUR already filed a lawsuit against ZTE in December 2015. At that time the amount of the claim was about 14 millions of Russian rubles, the trial of this case still continues. Also in the end of year RUR sued company Hewlett-Packard for 113,9 million of Russian rubles. Proceeding of this case either continues. At the same time The Moscow Arbitration Court declined RUR’s lawsuit against Dell for 90 million of Russian rubles.
ZTE – China’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. In Russia it sells smartphones manufactured by this company.
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“In accordance with current legislation, importers, which import in Russia some kind of equipment, which has information carrier, exactly mobile phones, laptops, CD, flash drivers, camcorders etc., obligates to pay in favor of the authorized organization –Russian Union of Rightholders, 1% of the customs value of the goods.
The essence of the situation is, that ZTE has imported equipment, but probably didn’t paid this percentage for RUR, that’s why RUR sued ZTE demanding to pay 37 million of Russian rubles.
Court, in this case, has to figure out validity stated in the claim amount, namely which equipment was imported, was this equipment in corresponding list, approved by the Russian Government. And if this equipment was not that, for which ZTE needs to pay 1%, then URR claim should not be accepted” – comments Coleman Legal Services partner, head of disputes resolution practice, lawyer Dmitriy Shchirskiy.

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